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15 Fusion Restaurants, Their Cuisines, and Whether They Exist

Restaurant Name Cuisine 1 Cuisine 2 Does it exist yet?
The Crepes of Bath French British No!
Wontonamo Bay Chinese Cuban Yes, in Colorado!
Cous-Cuzco Moroccan Peruvian No!
Parthenaan Greek Indian No!
Taco Belle Mexican Plantation No, but it’s some girl’s Twitter!
Kebab Marley’s Middle Eastern Jamaican Yes, it’s a bar in the Philippines!
Palestein Palestinian Israeli No!
99 Fry Bread Balloons Native American German No!
Pastafarian Italian Jamaican No, but it’s a satirical religion!
Much Adobo About Notodden Filipino Norwegian No!
Khat Focaccia Tongue? Yemeni Italian No!
Phở British Pies Only Vietnamese British No!
Gills Just Want to Have Fondue Water Worldian Swiss No!
Where There’s a Wiener, There’s a Deep Fried Guinea Pig Austrian Ecuadorean No!
KFC-Pizza Hut American Italian Yes, at a location near you!

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