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“Life Matters” True Blood Recap Season 6 Episode 9

An emotional funeral and also a man gets his penis ripped off.

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Wow, going for the gut, True Blood. I honestly have no idea what they’re going to do next week for the finale because this was a doozy of an episode both emotionally and in the sense that a man’s penis was ripped off. Unlike most episodes of True Blood, Episode 9 doesn’t jump arbitrarily between all 83 of its main characters; instead, it jumps back and forth between two story lines/locations: the sober, life affirming (LIFE MATTERS! DRINK!) reality of Terry’s funeral and the absolute nonsense going on in Fangtanamo. As such, this week I’m going to plow through the episode chronologically instead of trying to sort it out plot by plot.

We start in Fairy Dream Land where Sookie is gnawing at her own arm trying to save immortal fairy vampire Warlow after Eric drained him. Bill watches super impatiently. If Bill wants that magic fairy daylight…

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