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“In the Evening:” True Blood Recap Season 6 Episode 7


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True Blood is a crazy show. There are vampire-fairy-immortals, casual beheadings, and wall-to-wall merkins. The show operates on Crazy Level 11 so when an episode is only at Crazy Level 8, it’s still downright ridiculous compared to every other show on TV but, as a True Blood episode, it’s disappointing. This week is one of those episodes. Not even the world’s worst 17th century vampire/plague flashback can save it. But hey, just cuz the Titanic hit one bad iceberg didn’t mean the whole boat gave up on its journey and went back to England, right? Right.

Let’s begin. In Fangtanomo, Eric, Nora, and Willa are still in disguise and still on the run. It’s not long before someone finds the armless, lifeless guard they left behind and hits the alarm though. Nora is getting worse and worse as the Hepatitis V makes its way through her scary, purple…

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