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“Don’t You Feel Me?” True Blood Recap Season 6 Episode 6


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Like my relationship with True Blood, much of this episode exists in a shiny, comatose fairy-dream-world secluded from human society. Like my relationship with the CVS down the street, much of this episode is about taking (Extra)care(bucks) of the ones we love. Also, the writers realize they should start killing characters to make up for the 137 they added in the first three episodes and there is nothing I love more than a good TV death. Can I get an amen?

We open on possessed Lafayette baptize-drowning Sookie in a river. But just as everyone’s favorite Southern waitress that Anna Paquin plays on an HBO show called True Blood is about to drown, Warlow runs in and saves her. He then fairy-blasts Sookie’s dad out of Lafayette, Daddy starts bawling, and Sookie White-Fangs her old man: “Go on! Git!” What a boring pre-credits sequence. All I got from it…

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