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Recap: Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 7

***I recapped Game of Thrones for a friend at Tube Top Television this week. The post above is long and full of terrors.***

Tube Top Television

Game of Thrones Recap:  Season 3 Episode 7

“The Bear and the Maiden Fair”

This week’s GoT recap is brought to you by our beloved contributorWillie Myers, who is currently riding a wave of penis-based web popularity but managed to find time to write this anyway.  He is a true American hero.  Enjoy!

George R. R. Martin is back to write his one episode of the season (because he doesn’t have two books and 73 plot points he should be wrapping up) and what an all-over-the-place sex doozy of an episode it is.

Jon Snow and the rest of Mance Rayder’s posse are finally on the slightly-more-pleasant south side of the Wall and the wildlings are going through a bit of culture shock. Ygritte in particular is confused by the idea of drums, banners, windmills, palaces, and the word “swoon.” Of course, Jon Snow finds this lack of…

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