#rachgiawild, Text Message Tales

A Rural Vietnamese Wedding, As Told Through SMS

On December 4, 2011, I was invited to a wedding in the Vietnamese countryside, two hours away from my home base of Rạch Gía (a provincial capital known for its dried squid and rampant day drinking).

Over the next twenty-four hours, twenty-five text messages were sent and received from my blue Nokia phone.

These are those text messages.


hello!! can you go to wedding of my sister …my name gummy ^^

I just spent two hours being backhugged by a ten year old on a motorbike

teacher, can you help me explain the word “homie?” does it relate to family and friends?

guess who has a secret tattoo on the back of their neck!??!

teacher, i had something trouble in my love so em buon qua troi.hjx…

w0uld u ljke t0 g0 0ut with us t0 enj0y fruit plate n0w. jt js very deljcj0us.

why are there no couches in vietnam

willey. can you translaytor and this writer buy vietnames. take out the activated carbon from aquarium before using the capsule and keep on pumping. the open capsule and empty powder directly into aquarium. use on capsule per 100L water every 48hours and tow times continuouslyfishs disease will cure change 1/4 water and the put the activated carbon into aquarium

i have no idea what is going on

sorry i dont think that is difficut and trable with willey im sorry

mullet count soaring kids chugging beer occasional yet tasteless strobe lights

Don’t mention it she in good healthy Oh! I be busy stay at rach gia sory catch you wait i just take a meal you already eat?

meaning youre eating congealed pigs blood right now?

how is girls? a beatiful or lovely?

digging in to some pig ear. it has the texture of thin plastic packed into a jelly sandwich.

mr willie, why do you laugh at me

they’re making me karaoke in front of the mullet men…

kaka, i dont send message for u…because i think my boyfriend send for u, i sign out to read message hix hix

ill never let them do the earcleaning thing though. do they do that there?

U will be drunk with those men, teacher

what did you do in the forest?

i just sang my heart will go on in vietnamese

yes .. my family and friend very happy ardour thing of you ..

the ol projectile vomit with your helmet on

you’re welcome party last night very fun


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