Bean Fogs Up in Rain, Chicago Tourists Have Nothing to Take Pictures in Front Of

by Willie Myers

MILLENNIUM PARK – After an unexpected thunderstorm left Chicago’s famous Cloud Gate (nicknamed The Bean) “all fogged up” this morning, tens of visitors to the usually shiny public sculpture were left worried, confused, and a little damp.

The "Bean" at 11:37 AM today.

The tragic state of the “Bean” at 11:37 AM.

“I can’t even see myself, it’s so foggy,” said Caroline Brennan of Bimidji, Minnesota, “If I can’t take a picture of my reflection on The Bean, how are my Facebook friends ever going to know I was in Chicago?”

This lack of clarity in both immediate travel plans and Bean sheen was echoed by many of the more than fifty sightseers who braved today’s minor thunderstorm at Millennium Park.

Nebraska native Hank Murphy and his family of four said they “tried so hard to wipe the dew away” but gave up after several stressful minutes. The family decided instead to “go to Navy Pier or something, I guess.” According to Koreamerica Travel Company, their daily city tour was canceled entirely, citing “cannot Bean picture” as the reason.

The upsetting repercussions of this seemingly average rainstorm have led many to fear that a fog-up of this magnitude may happen again. In response to several accusations that global warming is to blame for what is increasingly being referred to as a “level-one vacation-ruiner,” local meteorologist Craig Daniels replied, “This is our Katrina.”

In the aftermath of this disaster, the city’s Department of Tourism issued a statement urging prospective Bean visitors to “just wait ten or fifteen minutes” if another fog-up occurs.


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